Along with the rest of the crew at Nebbia Technology, I help make your IoT solution smarter. For example, we partnered with Microsoft and UniKey to help connect smart locks to the cloud.

I believe that technology is a tool we must use to make humans better at being human.

Outside of working at Nebbia Technology, I organize Orlando IoT. I’m humbled to say the meetup has grown to over 1,000 members. The Orlando IoT mission is to foster IoT development in Orlando. We have a monthly meetup, an active and growing Slack group, as well as a few special events here and there.

I also write, usually on my own blog and at IoTForAll.com. I also do the occasional podcast (as both guest and host), and I enjoy presenting as well. Sometimes as a monster.

For fun? Well, I do all of the above for fun. But if you mean outside of tech things, I enjoy spending time with my wonderful wife Sarah and our little pugster, Carl. We enjoy traveling, our last trip was to Italy. Bellissimo! Also, driving it Italy is great if your glutei need a workout. It’s scary.