What’s Next For Me: Saving Lives With SUAS

When Gordon Folkes III first approached me about joining Archer First Response Systems, I had a lot of questions. I had met Gordon through a hackathon in 2017, and I knew his company was working on delivering life-saving AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators) to cardiac arrest victims via unmanned aerial vehicles. I brushed shoulders with him [...]

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I’m Leaving The Best Job I’ve Ever Had

The best job I've ever had was my pizza delivery job at Pasquale's. Well, in 2007 that was the best job I've ever had. What wasn't to like? Tips are great. A free meal every shift. Driving a car around is fun. No boss breathing down my neck while I'm out on delivery. After moving [...]

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Smart Bronco: Choosing Sensors for the Real World

https://youtu.be/D7cOr1s6CeI Going from proof-of-concept to prototype, aka my single 1988 Ford Bronco II, offers up some challenges. Rather than using Seeed Grove to prototype temperature using a simple generic temperature and humidity sensor (the DHT11, if anyone is asking), I need to figure out how to read the coolant temperature from the engine block of [...]

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Smart Bronco: Prototyping Measuring Coolant Temperature

So while I was figuring out how to get my application approved for the Microsoft Store, I decided to move forward with actually writing some code. Eventually I want to read the temperature in the Bronco, but before I get there I wanted to just test out reading temperature at all.

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Microsoft Reject My App Store Submission

Being rejected is difficult. When I submitted my Universal Windows Platform (UWP) application to the Microsoft Store, I had no reason to think it would not pass with flying colors. I followed their checklist. I checked all the appropriate boxes, dotted all the t's and crossed all the i's.

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Smart Bronco Project Announcement

Over the course of the next few months, I am planning on taking my 1988 Ford Bronco II and making it a little more smart and a little more connected, thanks to the power of the Internet of Things. I plan on using this cruddy old truck to experiment and learn about IoT

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