Developing IoT Devices from Your Local Computer Developing a typical software application locally often involves an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) or even a simple text editor (even Notepad), some sort of build system in the case of compiled languages (like C#) or an interpreter in the case of interpreted languages (like JavaScript). The process often looks like this: Write some code, [...]

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Smart Bronco: Choosing an IoT Operating System What's a piece of hardware without the operating system to run it? When buying a new desktop computer, the decision often comes down to a few choices: Mac, PC, or Linux. Operating systems in general are designed to run on a limited variety of processors, for example, Microsoft Windows historically has run on processors [...]

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Smart Bronco: How to Choose IoT Prototyping Hardware Choosing hardware to prototype with in the realm of IoT can be overwhelming. There are so many choices! And, there's so many constraints when it comes to putting a piece of hardware into production: Power requirements vs. availability Internet connectivity options Processing requirements Preferred programming language support Security Manufacturer's support Availability Longevity My advice [...]

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Smart Bronco Project Announcement   Over the course of the next few months, I am planning on taking my 1988 Ford Bronco II and making it a little more smart and a little more connected, thanks to the power of the Internet of Things. I plan on using this cruddy old truck to experiment and learn about IoT [...]

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IoT And Monsters

As we all know, the world of Monsters Inc. is real, and after Pixar broke the story, our lives (us monsters and you humans) have been intertwined ever since. Here, I give a talk about how I, an employee of Monsters Inc., helped create the next generation of laughter-capturing technology using a Raspberry [...]

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The Microsoft IoT Quick Guide

Microsoft has a bunch of tools labeled "IoT." What are their similarities and differences? Why would you choose to use one over another (and do they play nicely together)? Let's find out. Azure IoT Hub A connection from Azure to the device and vice versa without worrying as much about how to do so securely [...]

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1,000 Year Old Software

It was only 80 years ago that the first electronic digital computer was built, the Atanasoff-Berry Computer in 1937. And that was the first. Now, computers outnumber humans and the rate of innovation is increasing exponentially. To expect any technology from today to last more than a few decades is foolish. Technology is moving faster and more unpredictably [...]

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The Apple Lineup Reimagined

I have in my pocket my very first and only iPhone so far: a two-year-old iPhone 6s. Apple announces a new phone every year, and just this past September 12th, 2017, they announced the iPhone X. As in, iPhone 10. No, that math doesn't really work. They went from the 6s in 2015, [...]

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