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Leverage my ten years of software engineering experience to find a tech job that matters, get hired, and get paid what you deserve. How? It’s all in my new book, Handshake Protocol.

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Leverage My Experience

Hi! I’m Jared, and I’ve been doing software engineering for a little while now. I’ve stuffed nearly everything I’ve learned about the software engineering hiring process into a dang-near complete guide that will help you break into software engineering.

Represents 21 percent of coding bootcamp graduates who don't land jobs in the first 180 days of graduating as a pie graph.

The Shocking Statistic

180 days after graduating, 21% of coding bootcamp grads don’t yet have a job as a software engineer. For college graduates, the average time to find a job after graduation is 3 months. I want to help you find and land a better job, faster.

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Learn My Secrets

Follow a simple process to finding the employer of your dreams…

Learn the system to get companies excited to meet you before you’ve even applied…

Understand the difference between an offer you should accept and one you should reject…

Handshake Protocol: the step-by-step guide to get hired as a software engineer

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What You’ll Find Inside

  • 45+ Pages Of Step-By-Step Guidance
  • Email templates for every stage of the hiring process
  • Spreadsheets to help prioritize potential employers
  • Links to additional helpful resources