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  • Book Review: “Better Buses, Better Cities”

    My new role at CitySwift is all about solving challenges in city bus systems, and to do that I wanted to understand these challenges better. Did you know a street can carry as much as 600-1600 people an hour by car, whereas bus lanes can carry 4,000-8,000 people per hour? Over the weekend, I read “Better Buses, Better Cities” and came away with a much greater appreciation for the role buses have in improving city transportation. After reading this book, I’m a convert. I believe buses are a proven technology that holds greater potential to help solve transportation challenges in our cities…

  • We are leaving the United States!

    The Big Move

    Life can be unexpected and full of difficult decisions, but this was one of the easiest decisions I have made so far even though it feels like it will be the biggest change I have made in my life. My wife and I have sold our house, our car, and our possessions save four suitcases. I’ve been out of a job for 30 days exactly today. To say that change is in the air is an understatement. When my wife Sarah was looking at universities to get her PhD a few years ago, we saw an opportunity because attending school…

  • Atomic Habits

    Book Review: Atomic Habits

    There are many things I want to do in life, all the time, all at once. The more that I want to do, the less satisfied I am with progress. From reading The Power of Habit, I know that habits help reduce the mental overhead of daily life – they allow us to work on autopilot for the repetitive, boring tasks so that we can use our energy for more complicated tasks. Albeit from a different author, Atomic Habits builds on this knowledge and provides a framework for applying the lessons in The Power of Habit to everyday life. When…