The Dependency Valley

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We have too many dependencies. The programming world is on another roller coaster ride down to dependency hell, if you'll believe the skeptics. I don't think so. I think we are living in the gully of "The Dependency Valley," with not quite enough dependencies to come out the other side. I can see why 3rd [...]

Gulp’s Dependencies

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gulp@3.9.1 ├─ archy@1.0.0 ├─ deprecated@0.0.1 ├─ chalk@1.1.3 │ ├─ ansi-styles@2.2.1 │ ├─ escape-string-regexp@1.0.5 │ ├─ has-ansi@2.0.0 │ │ └─ ansi-regex@2.0.0 │ ├─ strip-ansi@3.0.1 │ │ └─ ansi-regex@2.0.0 │ └─ supports-color@2.0.0 ├─ minimist@1.2.0 ├─ liftoff@2.2.1 │ ├─ extend@2.0.1 │ ├─ findup-sync@0.3.0 │ │ └─ glob@5.0.15 │ ├─ flagged-respawn@0.3.2 │ ├─ rechoir@0.6.2 │ │ └─ resolve@1.1.7 │ [...]

I’m Grokking, Here!

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I've heard the term "grok" a lot this week, which is strange because I've never noticed it before. Like so many words that once you know them you see them everywhere, "grok" is now a part of my permanent vocabulary. Grok: (verb)  To understand intuitively or by empathy, to establish rapport with. It describes the [...]

Refer Me, Get A Pie

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If you refer me to a position and I get hired, I'll give you $250, a Raspberry Pi 2, and a raspberry pie, too. UPDATED: In celebration of the Raspberry Pi 3 announcement, I'm having a little fun and making this sweeter. If you refer me to a position and I get hired, I'll give you $253.14, a Raspberry Pi [...]

Casey At The Bug

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The outlook wasn't brilliant for the Muddteck* team Friday: The clock stood ten to five, with one more bug left to slay, And when Cooney crashed his machine, and Barrows did the same, Management looked around to see where to place the blame.   A straggling few got up to go in deep despair. The rest Clung [...]