On Hair In A Bag

I watched in increasing horror as the TikTok video my wife was sharing progressed.

With upbeat music and a peppy voice, a woman was narrating her journey. She had noticed that at the end of every shower, there would be a few strands of her hair in the tub. So, she started taking them out and putting them in a ziplock bag.

As the video progresses, she shows herself collecting more and more hair, and the bag getting more and more full.

At the end, the bag is nearly filled with human hair.

She ends the video with a smile and says “Just remember, a little bit every day adds up.”

Psychology indicates we find emotional events memorable, and disgust is an emotion. As such, that little nugget of wisdom at the end has stuck with me.

Trying to finish projects, gain experience, create a reputation for myself; I find it easy to burn myself out trying to get everything done all at once. When I do, that lesson is burned into my mind to remind me to choose what I work on more carefully and concentrate on consistent progress.

I don’t need to pull my hair out to get things done.

A little bit every day adds up.

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