Smart Bronco: How to Choose IoT Prototyping Hardware Choosing hardware to prototype with in the realm of IoT can be overwhelming. There are so many choices! And, there's so many constraints when it comes to putting a piece of hardware into production: Power requirements vs. availability Internet connectivity options Processing requirements Preferred programming language support Security Manufacturer's support Availability Longevity My advice [...]

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Smart Bronco Project Announcement   Over the course of the next few months, I am planning on taking my 1988 Ford Bronco II and making it a little more smart and a little more connected, thanks to the power of the Internet of Things. I plan on using this cruddy old truck to experiment and learn about IoT [...]

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IoT And Monsters

As we all know, the world of Monsters Inc. is real, and after Pixar broke the story, our lives (us monsters and you humans) have been intertwined ever since. Here, I give a talk about how I, an employee of Monsters Inc., helped create the next generation of laughter-capturing technology using a Raspberry [...]

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