Handshake Protocol Podcast Out March 1st!

Are you dreaming of becoming a software engineer? Sure, but are you literally dreaming of becoming a software engineer. Coming March 1st is the first season of the Handshake Protocol Podcast entitled Dreaming on the Job. In this season, I’m sharing with you seven distinct sleep stories about finding a software engineering job that aren’t meant to be listened to while running or in the car. Instead, they are meant to be a gentle way to help you fall asleep, while also giving you some inspiration and motivation to continue the job hunt the next day.

I’m Jared Porcenaluk, a software engineer with a little over ten years of experience, and I want to help you find your next job come hell or high water. Or, as the case may be, by telling some stories that help relax and prepare you for the next day of filling out resumes and doing interviews over Zoom.

I do hope you’ll subscribe to the podcast so you don’t miss the first episode coming March 1st on Apple, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and my website, JaredPorcenaluk.com. Until then, dream big.

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