Internet of Things 101: How Does IoT Work?

As the organizer of Orlando IoT, I don’t get a lot of 101-level questions about the Internet of Things. Typically, the questions are like the one I was asked recently that went something like this: “How do I get two Arduinos to talk? Right now I’m using nrf24L01.” For those out of the IoT loop, that sounds like gibberish. Heck, the latter part about enn-arr-eff-twenty-four-ell-oh-one was a complete mystery to me (turns out it’s a low-power radio frequency transceiver).

Even if you have no knowledge about IoT, you can still learn, just like I did about that transceiver. If this video is completely beneath your skill level, count yourself lucky. You are well on your way to knowing how the Internet of Things works and may well be on your way to actually doing something with it. If you are just starting to understand IoT even from a consumer point of view and this video was a great primer, that’s fantastic too. Just as the IoT ecosystem needs people to make things, it needs people to buy things as well.

I will be posting more posts and videos about the Internet of Things, so I hope you stick around. In the meantime, feel free to join us at the Orlando IoT Facebook group and if you are in the area, join the Meetup group as well.

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